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                         Friday - Saturday ONLY 

                         9AM - 8:30PM 
                         By appointment.

$25.00 for 60 minute massage
$45.00 for 90 minute massage
$65.00 for 120 minute massage

 Relaxation Clinic - Students are 20 weeks into their education.

NO Deep Tissue should be expected. This is a Swedish Relaxation Clinic ONLY. No additional services available.
- Come to de-stress and Check out!

Treatment Clinic - Students are 30 weeks into their education.

Students are able to work more in-depth and practice the Deep Tissue techniques they have learned.

Come and help the students get their clinical hands-on hours, improve their skills, and receive a massage you will thoroughly enjoy! We suggest if you are seeking to relax with limited treatment, our students are excellent. They are attentive, professional, and you will exit your session content. 





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