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Idaho State is Requires a license to practice Massage Therapy. Regulated by Idaho Statute §54-4005


Idaho State Statute 54 Ch-40   Idaho State Board of Massage Therapy protects the health, safety and welfare of the public through the licensure and regulation of massage therapy.


Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards for State License Exam

MBLEX exam, for State License


Idaho Occupational License for Massage Information :

 Required by the state of Idaho, You must have your MBLEX done before applying

National Board Certification Information:



Credential in this field is so very important:  If your therapist has no certification, what proof and reassurance do you have of their knowledge? If you are a therapist practicing without certification, what proof and reassurance can you provide a client regarding how you obtained your knowledge and confidence in the application of massage & bodywork techniques, contraindications, as well as  physiological effects? What board of govern is upheld? What is the base for Law and Ethics ?  

This field has a great potential forward motion, into places we belong! Such as:

Surgical Recovery, Trauma Unit, Burn Unit Recovery, Sports and Orthopedic Recovery, Birthing Centers, Dialysis, Assisted Living, Hospice and Stress Reduction for Staff and Clients of high stress facilities, Professional Athletics, Sports and Training, Basic Preventative Care.

Improve your standards and validate your practice with state and national credential. It is the only way to safeguard the integrity of your work (along with carrying your own LLI- Limited Liability Insurance) in this field for the client and therapist alike!    

Seek out licensed therapists. They are encouraged and required to keep learning, obligated to uphold the highest principles of moral and ethical standards. They have an approved and solid education. They have earned, through education and dedication, the right to professionally practice as well as offer you a wide and true intended foundation for Massage and Body Work. We are a field of trust and service to and for the people of our communities.   

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