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Snap Shot of our Graduates and Massage Practitioners


Clinic  2017-2018 Students


IIMT Graduates

Graduated: January  2018

Sam  Marshall, Roxanne Skidmore, Teresa Rushton

Graduated: March  2017 

Krista Thornton, Annelise Burgener, Melanie Blackburn &Tressa Tabor



Graduated: September  2016

Ashley Shipton, Sarah Adams &  Emily Lagana


Graduated: November  2015

Nicole Gneiting, Taylor Dineen & Collette Moss








Graduated: April 2015

Cristie Thomas, Will Trueman,Nick Graham, Tyler Pincock & Athena Corneilus








Graduated: July 2014

Lisa James, Shari Hadlock, Darby Pozenel, and Anna Reed









 Graduated: December 2013
Melissa Holland, Jose Cuevas, Rosa Fernandez, Cheryl Barcelou, and Hannah Johnson




Graduated: April 2013
Jake Lofgreen, Stacy McBride, Jennifer McKay, Tashina Wirkus, Devyn Murdock, and Dottie Murdock

 Graduated: July 2012
Heather Horikami, David Hay, Connie Tallamantaz, Becky Mickelsen, Linda Bell, Tom Robichioux, and Ole Overlie








Graduated: February 2011   Lorena Bravo, Linda Nicholls, Laura Wilson, and Jocelyn Whitmam



Professional Massage Therapists

 Jasmine Kinney LMT, CMT, NCMT, CH 1999

Medical Injury Rehabilitation, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Insurance Billing, Herbs-Supplements, Energetic Practitioner and Holistic Counseling

Hello, I am Jasmine Kinney.I am the owner and Education Director of IIMT.  I created this program in the efforts to increase the awareness and community strengths for my profession. I moved back to Idaho from the Caribbean 9 years ago. Started my own practice and realized that there was a huge unmet need for clinically trained therapists. Therapists that could integrate solid physical change in their application. Hold a strong ethical & professional relationship for all of their clients. Provide a safe place for our demographic of clients to receive a safe and professionally supported massage treatment. The rest is history.

"You must educate your clients to facilitate forward motion in their treatment(s). Self Awareness, Consistency and Empowerment are Keys to Good Health and Steady Recovery."

I come from  a long history of events that lead me to this field in one facet or another, always amazed at the power of the human frame- mind and its interaction with in space and time. My passion is to assist those seeking it and to educate myself along the way Each experience is unique and each client variable is individual and special.


Graduate Massage Therapists

Melanie Blackburn










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