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Enrollment for February 2022 OPEN

Professional Massage Therapy Program

Program Length:

  • 1054 hours (approximately 13 months) Periodic Additional CEU classes are offered and non attending students - graduates receive access to the classroom through out the program

Class Size:

  • Classes are limited to 12 students per class to ensure quality control and a strong dedicated foundation. 

Student Admission fees:

  • Application $50.00    non refundable
  • Enrollment $50.00    non refundable
  • DUE at 2 nd Interview

Total Tuition Cost:

  • $10,000.00 
  • with an addition fee for any payment plan beyond the program duration of 13 months - Plans available for an extended pay off. Inquire for details.

Tuition includes:

  • IIMT-CE Classes* Luxury SPA  10 hours in additional to regular class schedule and any new addition pilot classes ( as the total hours of the program increase - graduates have access to these additional hours at a minimal cost)

    Professional Massage Gear Package from Custom Craft Works 

    CPR-First Aid certification

    Preliminary 20 hour course if required $295.00 (if applicable)

    Limited Liability Insurance 

    Onsite- During Program Attendance- Massage Product and Essential Oils

Tuition Payment and Options:

New enrollee will receive a 5% discount for tuition paid in full 90 days before the first  day of class start. If you are in need of an extension for pay off, IIMT also offers:

  • Tuition Payment Plans:

IIMT offers an option to in-house finance for a re-payment plan with monthly interest for up to 5 years

  • Tuition Work Trade Program:

The Tuition Work Trade Program allows attending students to work a portion of their tuition off within the school facility pre- and post- graduation for a comparable wage of $10 per hour in trade. 

  • IIMT Scholarships (one per class closes 90 days before class begins):

A IIMT scholarship of $1500.00 will be award to one student per new class. If you would like to be considered for this, please submit a typed 500 - 1,000 word essay, along with your application, describing your desire to be a massage therapist as well as your circumstances of need for the assistance.

Residency Expense:

IIMT can assist or if available provide  housing for the - 13 month program at an additional $6500.00 cost - 




Have you considered traveling abroad?   No problem!  

As the name of the institution expresses, "International", we also provide counseling and guidance for an international job placement in various areas around the world after the completion of the program. More information can be obtained by contacting us.


IIMT is motivated to meet all of your needs within the community, and beyond, so you have every opportunity to follow your dreams and goals in this wonderful field of awareness and health.

1054 Hours  -   Do your Homework -  Compare prices, Exclusivity as well as the National average for a school offering comparable hours.

 If you are currently considering an occupation within the Massage Therapy field, you may want to consider:

  • Career goals - Job Placement
  • What are the necessary skills for being successful in this occupation?
  • How inclusive is the certification  / foundation of the program?
  • Will program completion qualify or prepare a student for national or international certification?
  • What is the career outlook, career demographic?
  • What career opportunities are available and where?
  • What is the foundation of Education? Standards?
  • International travel? Requirements , Credential and knowledge?
  • These are concepts already at work at our facility. We honor each participant and take regular surveys to ensure we are growing as needed and implementing the needs of our student and graduate body.


For more information please call or e-mail: 

(208) 528-0319


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